AAUW Funds

AAUW Funds: The Education Program, formerly the EF provides funds for education, research, and self-development for women.  More than 3 million is awarded annually in fellowships and grants.  Examples are:

The Fort Collins Branch Research & Projects Fund established by our Branch’s contributions to the National AAUW Education Funds, awards annual grants to branches and individual women who wish to do educational action projects/research in their communities.

–Community Action Grants

–Eleanor Roosevelt Teacher Fellowships (to promote gender equity in public schools and to encourage girls in STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering and Math).

–American and International Fellowships

–Career Development Grants

–Selected Professions Fellowships

The Legal Advocacy Fund (LAF) works to combat sex discrimination in higher education and workplaces through campus outreach programs, an online resource library, and research reports.  The program also provides support to workplace sex discrimination cases that have the potential to make a difference to all women.