AAUW Fort Collins Branch History

In 1909 seven (7) Fort Collins women formed a local organization of educated women who were graduates of college accredited by the Association of Collegiate Alumnae.  The ACA was a national organization, founded in 1881, which merged with similar Western and Southern associations of women, creating the American Association of Women in 1921.  In January, 1921, the Fort Collins group voted to become a Branch of AAUW.  The first Branch president was Mrs. C. W. Zepp.


A Glimpse of AAUW Thru the Years

1885    First AAUW study refutes theory that higher education harms women’s health

1888    Fellowships began

1905    Supports first Pay Equity legislation, study groups formed 1907

1920    Members raise $156,000 to help Professor Marie Curie to purchase 1 gram radium

1927    Million dollar fund drive established to put scholarships on sound basis

1930    Decade to support women in academics, studies on discrimination, pay equity

1935    AAUW supports legalizing doctors’ dispensation of contraceptive information

1940    During WWII supported women’s units in armed forces, as well equal pay/rank

1946    Vocal advocate for United Nations, granted permanent UN observation status

1949    Senator McCarthy attacks AAUW International Relations Associate of Communism

1950    Bylaws affirm membership requirement of college degree, all races are eligible

1964    AAUW works for passage of Civil Rights Act and 1965 Voting Rights Act

1971    AAUW votes at convention to support Abortion Rights and ERA

1972    AAUW plays key role in passage of Title IX

1981    AAUW Legal Advocacy Fund established (LAF)

1988    Celebrated 100 years of awarding fellowships

1990    Research reports – How Schools Shortchange Girls, Hostile Hallways, Girls in Middle

2000    Continued research studies supporting girls and women in education

2010    STEM – publications and studies encouraging girls in science and technology