Branch Meeting Programs

Program – October 19

Ballot Issues

Presentation by Sarah Pitts

AAUW Fort Collins Branch &  League of Women Voters Member

The ballots will be sent out the week of October 14th, so everyone should have received them by our meeting on Saturday, October 19th. All ballots must be in the hands of the County Clerk by 7 p.m. on Tuesday, November 5th.  

Fort Collins voters will have four (4) ballot issues: 2 from the state, 1 from Larimer County, and 1 from Poudre School District. There are four open seats on the ballot for the Poudre School District.  

I’ll bring the League of Women Voters’ local and also the state ballot issue pamphlets -and will go over them with AAUW members/guests on the 19th. Everyone should have already received the state Blue Book explaining state ballot issues CC and DD. Members may want to bring that Blue Book with them.

I’m a member of the League’s Voter Service team. I’m part of a team that researches and writes up the ballot issue pamphlets which we intend to be in clear language. 

As you know, I’m a member of AAUW, as well as LWV, just like quite a few other members.  

If you need more info, please let me know.

Thank you for this opportunity! Sarah